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    DUI Lawyers Dedicated to DUI Defense

    We only handle DUI cases.  

    As DUI lawyers we direct our full attention to DUI laws and defenses.  We do not have other cases we give priority to, we fight DUI charges everyday!  

    By focusing on DUI cases we stay informed of trends in the law, and maximize knowledge and experience in those areas important to someone arrested for DUI.

    We direct 100% of our resources to DUI cases and study the science involved in ascertaining a persons Blood Alcohol Content.  

    We have expert toxicologists that can retest blood results and testify to the inaccuracy of breath machines.  We have investigators ready to work with us, and many techniques to beat the charges.

    Beach Cities DUI Attorney - Aaron Steinberg

    Aaron Steinberg - Beach Cities DUI Attorney

    Beach Cities DUI has been fighting for those accused of DUI in Los Angeles County and Orange County for more than fifteen years.  

    Our dedication to this area of practice is carried out through vigorous defense in court while taking a caring approach to working with those going through a very difficult, and sometimes very unfair process.  

    At Beach Cities DUI you can expect honest answers, aggressive representation, and payment plans.  We are here to help you through this.

    We have grown through the years by listening to our clients.  The details matter, and everyone's situation is different.  We welcome everyone and will personally take the time to discuss your situation.

    Stop the DMV From Suspending Your License

    It is extremely important you contact the DMV right away after being arrested.  The DMV will automatically suspend your license  if not done.  We are DUI attorneys in Torrance with winning experience.

    You do not have to simply accept a suspension of your drivers license.  You have the right to fight.  Moreover, even if you do not win your case with the DMV there are benefits to contacting the DMV.  Even if we lose the DMV hearing we can still limit the time you are without a license.  We are DUI attorneys in Redondo Beach and know what you are going through.

    Not only will the DMV suspend your license, but they will also require you to install an ignition interlock device in your car if you are convicted of a DUI. 

    The ignition interlock device can be avoided if we get involved early to ensure the best defense is presented.

    Contacting the DMV can be difficult, but we do this everyday and will ensure we set the hearing with judges we are familiar with.  We are DUI lawyers near Gardena, Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach.  Feel free to call with questions.


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