Why Retain Beach Cities DUI to Help With Your DUI?

Beach Cities DUI is the best DUI lawyer in Torrance because we only handle DUI cases.  As DUI lawyers we direct our full attention to DUI laws and defenses.  We do not have other criminal cases we give priority to, we fight DUI charges everyday!  

Founded by Sheldon Rosinsky over 15 years ago Beach Cities DUI has cultivated a reputation of providing aggressive representation combined with a caring and honest relationship with clients.  This approach has helped thousands of people put a bad situation behind them.  Attorney Aaron Steinberg has 9 years of experience as an attorney and will personally handle all matters on your case.  When you call Beach Cities DUI you will only speak with Aaron Steinberg and Aaron will make all appearances in court.  You will not be passed off to another attorney.

By focusing on DUI cases we stay informed of trends in the law, and maximize knowledge and experience in those areas important to someone arrested for DUI.

We direct 100% of our resources to DUI cases and study the science involved in ascertaining a persons Blood Alcohol Content.  

We have expert toxicologists that can retest blood results and testify to the inaccuracy of breath machines.  We have investigators ready to work with us, and many techniques to beat the charge.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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